Influencer Marketing

How can I approach influencers and do influencer marketing if I am a beginner?

You might have seen so many celebrities and influencers promoting some kind of product or service as a post or story on Instagram or Facebook.

But have you ever thought why are they posting them on their social profiles? If you know it’s fine, But if you don’t know this is the reason – some brands go and approach the people who have some good social presence and a good following on social media and ask them to promote their products on their Instagram or Facebook or any social profiles by paying them a certain amount. This is known as influencer marketing.

Why only these people? It’s because as they have a huge number of followers, obviously the product which they are promoting will be reached to a lot of people.

Influencer Marketing

But what if I am a beginner and don’t have a lot of money to spend on these influencers to promote my product?

If you have this question in your mind. Then definitely this article is for you. Read it till the end and please, please apply whatever I tell you in this article.

Just reading and knowing will not make you money. Unless you apply and try it out.

So let’s get into your question now…

Influencer Marketing For Beginners:

If you have started your own product or service or even an Instagram or Facebook page for your brand. The most difficult thing for you at the initial stage is to reach more people and get your product or service to get sold.

So for those people, influencer marketing is one of the ways to boost your sales and reach the audience with the help of using emotions and building trust.

Bhargav can you give me few examples of influencers so that I can understand this better?

Yes, Go to Instagram and if you are on Instagram, definitely you might be following your favorite TikTok stars or dancers or any people of the film industry or some young motivational speakers or politicians or gamers or entrepreneurs or cricketers or anyone like that.

These are all influencers and all of them are called influencers because they have some influence on you. and on an average Instagram influencer approximately make –

Type of InfluencerNo. of FollowersPer Post Price
Nano -influencers2000- 9,000Rs.4,000 – Rs.16,000
Micro-influencers10,000 – 50,000Rs.16,000 – Rs.30,000
Middle-tier influencers60,000 to 100,000Rs.35,000 – Rs.60,000
Top-tier influencers100,000 to 500,000Up to ₹1 Lakh
Mega influencersAbove 500,000Up to ₹1.2 Lakh

Estimation Source:

These are not the exact prices but yeah they make a lot per post according to their following and engagement rate.

There is also another way of influencer marketing and that is you make a celebrity or some model to make a video or an image regarding your brand or product and run ads by using that photo or video.

Both of the ways work well.

But for a college student or some small startup, it’s highly impossible to spend that huge amount on influencers to promote the product or run ads with the help of influencers to attract and reach more people.

For all those, There is another concept of influencer marketing too….

Which I am going to tell you right now and request you all to follow it. If you are just getting started

Concept of Micro-Influencers:

Influencer marketing is not only something you approaching, only the people who have 50k or 60k people as their followers.

we can also reach out to the people who have less number of followers also and these people are known as micro-influencers.

You need to remember the term Micro, which means small.

These people might be the models or someone who is related to your product or service in your location.

How to find these Micro-influencers?

To find out these micro-influencers, please follow the steps which I am telling you right now!!

Suppose you want to start any fashion store or any beauty products page or any page on Instagram 

 What you need to do is :

Instagram Search

First, go to Instagram, open the search tab and then click on places and type your location there.

Instagram Places

You will be able to find the posts in your location. Click on recent posts and check whether if you are able to find any person who seems to be like a model or if someone related to your product or page.

Instagram lOCATION

Then try to connect with him/her,  approach them and collaborate with them even if they are having just 200 or 300 followers. Because these people will be having some close connections between their followers.

You can even send your beauty products or whatever product you are promoting on your page to them for free and tell them to promote your products with their connections so that your product will be reaching his/her  200 or 300 close followers. 

These micro-influencers will not charge you any amount as like the influencers. 

Do this to as many people as you can daily and approach new micro-influencers and start giving your product for free and tell them to promote the product to their followers. 

This is how your product will be reaching a more quality audience and this is how the invisible word of mouth will be happening.

Because people trust their own friends, family, and neighbors more than someone else. We are able to promote our product using micro-influencers with emotions as well as by building trust which is most important these days for a brand to grow.

This is how you can make your product get sold by reaching a quality audience with help of micro-influencers.

This really works because one of my friends had started selling her beauty products on Instagram and we tried reaching more people in our location and we got some good sales using this.

And the most important thing you need to keep in your mind is you can’t just do it for one day and sit in front of Instagram page to grow its followers and get sales.

You will be able to get more reach and sales only if you do it consistently till people get to recognize your brand and start purchasing your product on their own.

The more they see the more they remember.

This is how you can start reaching people through micro-influencers with emotions and trust.

I hope you will be starting this micro-influencer marketing from today.

Share it with your friends who have started their Instagram pages recently and this can work for any social platform. Also, comment down if this article has learned you any single new point today!

Hope you got some value from this article.

If you wanna know indept knowledge on how to do affiliate marketing click here

Your Friend Maruthi Bhargav 🙂 KEEP SMILING ALL THE TIME

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